Additional Input

Music and Movement

Cathy Bailey facilitates these fun and dynamic weekly sessions with each class, which include singing, movement, playing of instruments, listening, creative activities and foundational notation. Through active participation in these activities, children experience and explore the basic elements of music such as Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Timbre, Form, Tempo and Dynamics. Cathy is a qualified music teacher (B.Mus.ed) with 25 years teaching experience in piano, voice, and early childhood musical education and has been part of the Happy Days team for 12 years.

Optional Extras

Parents have the option to enroll their child in extramurals that take place once a week during school hours, at an additional cost.

  • Cricket – WicketCricket
  • Rugby – RSkills
  • Soccer – SSkills
  • Netball – Goal Getters Academy
  • Gym – Boys and girls can enroll in gymnastics classes where they learn a combination of rhythm, movement, ball and mat work and trampolining skills.